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What is Memorial Day: The Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States of America as a tradition to remember those who passed away in the armed force while service the country. The Memorial Day is celebrated in America on 29th May 2017. A memorial day is always observed on last Monday in May. Memorial day is also American holiday day. It was originally called as Decoration Day, and this term was originated during the American civil wars. Memorial Day become a federal holiday since 1971. During this people visit the cemeteries of all the war heroes who have sacrificed their precious life for the country. Memorial Day is unofficially considered as the being of the summer vacation, and it is also the end of Labor Day. The Memorial Day is celebrated long back when Americans gather with their family to honor the sacrifice of those who have given their lives in service to their country.

People share Memorial Day quotes messages and memes among the brave soldiers and veterans as a token of respect for their sacrifices. It is a kind gesture to be thankful for their selfless deed. While wishing the memorial day don’t forget to thank the brave family of soldiers because without their support this couldn’t be possible. They are the pillar of strength. Various schools conduct special programs like speech, coloring competition, poem competition to celebrate the Memorial Day. It is an excellent way to infuse children regarding the importance of this day. Memorial Day can also be a great opportunity when young kids get to know about the Great War heroes. You can also share patriotic stories and Memorial Day sayings since they are the future of the country. They must know how hard people have sacrificed their lives to bring peace to the country. It could not be possible without their hard work. Sharing a quote or thank you message to the war hero’s family will be a grand gesture, this will give them a feeling of accomplishment. Bringing a smile on their face will be more joyful and kind act.

Facts about Memorial Day Weekend

  1. It is still a debatable subject that who originated the first Memorial Day celebration. There are different stories by various people.


  1. During the civil war, approximately 100000 soldiers died from both the country.


  1. Union Army creates the Grand Army of Republic to pay respect to the dead who sacrifices their life in world war I.


  1. The Congress government passes a law in the year 2000 according to which all American must stop their activities at sharp 3 pm on Memorial Day to pay tribute and to honor all the brave war men and women soldiers who served the United States of America. This action was applied by President Clinton.


  1. During the Memorial Day, the flag is half-mast until noon then it must be raised to full mast till sunset to pay honor those who have dead war heroes.


  1. The people were influenced by John McCrae in the year 1915 to wear red poppies on Memorial Day. People in Canada also wear red poppies to honor their soldiers on Remembrance Day which occurs on November every year.


  1. There is tradition to eat a picnic meal while sitting on the ground of a cemetery during the Memorial Day but it is not followed now. But, some rural areas of the South continue this practice.


  1. More than 32 million people travel by car over Memorial Day weekend in America since it is a mark of the beginning of the summer vacation and the Labor Day ends.


Waterloo, New York was named as the original place of Memorial Day by President Johnson in the year 1966.

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