There is nothing like having a fresh, clean shower.  Out of all the rooms in your house the bathroom is one that you really want to take the time and design right.  The primary component you want to have is a nice comfortable shower.  Here are the steps needed for shower installation albuquerque.

Prepare the area

You will want to remove any old showers you have in the room.  You want to cap off all water sources to make sure that nothing leaks and that the new pipes are able to connect to the existing lines.  From here you want to make sure that the floor is level and ready for installation.

Pre-fit the shower

Before you start assembling everything you want to make sure that everything fits.  This dry fir or pre-fitting of the shower will allow you to visually see that it will work and if not, allow you to make any adjustments beforehand. 

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Mark and drill holes

Now that you know everything fits and lines up, you will want to mark and drill your holes.  This will ensure that everything will line up once you do the final installation steps.

Mark and test panels

The panels of the shower should now be installed.  Don’t attach them yet but make sure that they all line up and where the tops are.  Once everything fits snug, mark the top of the shower where the flange is.  Then remove the panels and shower base to prepare for final installation.

Install the base

Making sure that you fill in any low spots on the floor to make it level, move the shower base to the location lining up the drain to the hole in the tub.  Using some caulk line the inner side of the drain before installing the drain pipe.  From here you want to drill holes in the base flange where the sides line up with the studs.  Attach the base to the wall.

Installing the sides

Continue the installation process by now installing the sides of the shower just like you did in the dry fit.  Continue this process until everything is installed.  Finally, finish off the bathroom with hardware and any caulking needed to keep the shower clean.